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Tagged: :iconmiivei:

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1. Cat, Dog, or Bunny?
I actually don't have preference in animals, they're all cute and boitiful:3

2. Digital art or Traditional art?
I started as a traditional artist and i still love it more than digital (though it's quite troublesome when you don't have the cmd or ctrl traditional"orz), but recently i've been intruduced to digital art, though i completely suck at it.... gotta to practice more...:S

3. Realistic anime art or regular anime art?
I do really like realistic anime/manga. i always got fascinated by it, though it depends on the art, really, sometimes it just freaks me out... so i like either realistic or non-realistic

4. Anime or chibi?
I really like chibis, they're super adorable and cute and that stuff, but for me i don't like to draw them, i think i'm not fit to draw cute/moe style..."orz
So for drawing i do prefer anime style or kinda anime...

5. Lineart or colouring?
As i suck at coloring, i always leave my drawings as lineart or just sketchs... coloring is a big pain in the ass....

6. Drawing the hair or drawing the eyes?
I like drawing eyes as well as hair, I don't have a preference...

7. Drawing male or drawing female?
I like drawing males... but it's always more chaleging than drawing females, so i actually draw more females than males...xD it's easier to get a reference as i'm a female.

8. Long hair or short hair (for female)?
I Usually prefer long hair, don't ask why, i don't know the reason...:S but sometimes short also make them (the girls) rather cute... so it depends on the hairstyle, but usually I prefer long hair:)

9. How many OCs do you have? How many are female, and how many are male?
I have no idea, i forgot some along the way, but there are more females than males, actually (from those i still remember...)

10. Do you prefer monochrome art pieces or fully-coloured art pieces?
(for me to draw)
But i really like colorful pieces, when it comes from other magnificent artists:)

It was fun to do it, but i'm tired, so i will tagg someone tomorow, or when i feel like it..;P
Well Good night!

Thank you for tagging me, dear!:D
(and sorry for taking a while to answer to it"orz)
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March 1, 2013


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